Matt Ryan, 49ers' D on collision course

Greetings. I'm en route to Atlanta and looking at the San Francisco 49ers' NFC Championship Game matchup with the Falcons from a few angles.

First up: a look at how Falcons quarterback Matt Ryan has played at home, compared to how the 49ers' defense has played on the road.

There have been some unusual performances for both.

Ryan threw five interceptions at home against Arizona this season. The 49ers' defense struggled on the road against Minnesota's Christian Ponder.

The overall numbers hopefully give us at least a starting point.

Ryan has been less consistent at home than one might expect given his 34-6 starting record in the Georgia Dome since 2008. Ryan posted his five lowest single-game Total QBR scores at home this season, all between 32.1 and 53.1. He posted six of his eight highest single-game scores on the road. But his fifth-highest score in 17 games this season was the 85.4 he posted against Seattle at home in the divisional round.

Russell Wilson (97.4 QBR) and Ponder (89.9) combined for six touchdown passes with one interception against the 49ers in games played at CenturyLink Field and the Metrodome, respectively.

Back in a bit with a look at the 49ers' defense against top quarterbacks.

2012 Stats Through Divisional Round