Hasselbeck entertains before, during game

NFL Network featured a miked-up Matt Hasselbeck during a look back at the Seahawks' victory over the Lions in Week 9.

Entertaining stuff.

"What's the ref's name?" Hasselbeck asked coach Jim Mora before kickoff.

"John Parry," Mora said.

Hasselbeck then walked over to greet an unsuspecting Parry.

"Hey, John, how you doing?" Hasselbeck said, as if reconnecting with an old pal. "Good to see you."

Parry asked about Hasselbeck's health. Hasselbeck said he was fine, then turned around the question.

"Your crew healthy?" Hasselbeck asked. "A lot of muscle pulls lately in the referee circuit."

"We're out of shape," Parry quipped.

The kid serving as a Seahawks honorary captain wore Aaron Curry's No. 59 jersey to midfield for the pregame coin toss. Hasselbeck, upon seeing former teammate Julian Peterson wearing No. 59 for the Lions, jokingly made sure Peterson knew the kid wasn't wearing his old jersey.

"It's not a throwback," Hasselbeck said.

Peterson laughed. During the game, Hasselbeck accused Peterson of listening in on the Seahawks' huddle. When Peterson turned away, Hasselbeck came up behind him and jokingly tried to read plays off the color-coded wristband Peterson was wearing.

Hasselbeck also showed expert lobbying skills during the game after drawing the Lions offsides. While teammates tried to plead with officials, who could have called a false start, Hasselbeck pulled them away and said, loud enough for officials to hear, "It's an obvious call. He saw it."

Officials laughed.

The call did go in Seattle's favor.