Around the NFC West: Best QBs prevail

Around the NFC West: Jan. 21, 2013

Andrew Luck, Peyton Manning, Tom Brady, Aaron Rodgers and Matt Ryan couldn't stop the San Francisco 49ers and Baltimore Ravens from advancing to the Super Bowl with quarterbacks from Nevada and Delaware, respectively.

The Ravens' Joe Flacco and the 49ers' Colin Kaepernick were often the best quarterbacks on the field in their playoff victories to this point in the postseason.

So, while some of the pregame Super Bowl buildup will focus on a couple old-school teams advancing, let's not pretend that defense, special teams or running backs carried subpar quarterbacks to the promised land.

Flacco has eight touchdown passes with no interceptions on 93 pass attempts through playoff victories over Luck's Indianapolis Colts, Manning's Denver Broncos and Brady's New England Patriots. Luck, Manning and Brady combined for five touchdowns and five picks in those games.

Kaepernick has three touchdowns passing, two rushing and one interception in playoff victories over Rodgers' Green Bay Packers and Ryan's Atlanta Falcons. He made key plays in helping to turn a 17-0 deficit into a 28-24 victory over the Faclons on Sunday. Rodgers and Ryan generally played well against the 49ers while combining for five touchdown passes and two interceptions, although Ryan also lost a critical fumble.

Do we really have to wait two weeks for the Super Bowl?