Great read on the 49ers' greatest coach

The Coaching Philosophy of Bill Walsh (1:10)

Former 49ers coach Bill Walsh talks about his philosophy of coaching. (1:10)

Bill Walsh, the San Francisco 49ers' greatest coach and perhaps the NFL's as well, agonized when the team he built won a Super Bowl without him.

That is how miserable Walsh felt following his retirement from the game. That misery can be a shared one for coaches who suffer failures far more intensely than they enjoy successes. Walsh was in that category.

Seth Wickersham's fascinating piece on Walsh explores this and other dynamics of the late coach's makeup through the epic but little-known administrative football handbook Walsh published in retirement.

"[Bill] Belichick once referred to it as football 'literature,' but it's more like a textbook -- 550 pages, 1.8 inches thick, 3.2 pounds, loaded with charts, graphs and bullet points," Wickersham writes. "For example, Walsh includes 57 keys to negotiating contracts ('The negotiator's need for food and sleep can affect his/her ability to function effectively'), 13 pages of sample practices and 108 in-game scenarios."