'Better smile and enjoy this while you can'

It's no longer news around here when Arizona Cardinals defensive lineman Darnell Dockett says something outrageous.

Sometimes it's still humorous, however, and depending upon your sensibilities, Dockett hit the funny bone while expanding on a failed online courtship targeting Miss Alabama.

"I like girls who, you know, have bad credit when they're 21," Dockett said.

Dockett turns 32 in a few months. His periodic attention grabs have worn thin at times, but less so when Dockett's roots are taken into consideration.

As he said from the Super Bowl four years ago, "I feel like nothing that I can go through in the everyday life from this point on can really affect or get me down. You can ask every one of my teammates, when I am in the locker room, I am on joke time. I am going to have a blast. My pain and my tears are gone. I have shed enough of them. When you see me, I am always on joke time. Some people say you play too much. But I say you better enjoy life, you better smile and enjoy this while you can."