Bringing advanced stats to Rice-Moss talk

Best Seasons for Moss, Rice

ESPN's Trey Wingo and Herm Edwards brought strong, measured points to the discussion over Randy Moss' contention that he's the greatest wide receiver in NFL history. Check out the video above for the full rundown.

I also wanted to point out some advanced statistical analysis from Nik Bonaddio of numberFire. Nik has used net expected points to analyze the best seasons for each receiver. Moss owns two of the top three among the two wideouts, but Rice owns six of the top eight. The chart shows the top five. Nik has published more detailed charts covering additional seasons.

"Jerry is more consistent, covering an entire decade where Moss has a few years lost in the ether after his breakout 2003 season," Nik writes. "Jerry also has longer longevity, doing it over a much wider range than Randy, while also keeping up a higher pace. ... It seems pretty clear from the data: Jerry Rice is the best receiver of all-time."