These rankings favor 49ers in big way

NEW ORLEANS -- Thanks to Mark Simon of ESPN Stats & Information for pointing out a fun (for San Francisco 49ers fans, anyway) Super Bowl prediction model from ACTA Sports.

The model shows winning percentages for Super Bowl participants based on where teams rank in each of 12 statistical categories. In this case, the 49ers outrank the Baltimore Ravens in 10 of the 12 categories. The teams are tied in an 11th category. The Ravens hold the edge in regular-season points scored, but only by one point (398-397).

This Super Bowl marks the 11th time one team has held the edge in at least 10 of the 12 categories. Nine of the previous 10 won the Super Bowl.

"The one team that failed to win a game with a 10-category advantage was the first team with that advantage, the Vikings in the 1969-1970 season's Super Bowl," ACTA Sports writes. "The Ravens will attempt to be the first team to beat those odds in 43 years."

The chart shows which team holds the edge in each category. Note that teams with fewer net passing yards entering the Super Bowl have won 60.9 percent of the time.

ACTA Super Bowl Prediction System