'I haven't seen a whole lot of guys quit'

NEW ORLEANS -- San Francisco 49ers defensive lineman Justin Smith tends to shy from the media spotlight. He had no choice during Super Bowl week.

I thought Smith exceeded expectations in that setting. He was at times thoughtful, funny and revealing. A sampling:

On player safety and risks

"I think it teaches a young kid in high school or middle school discipline, toughness, accountability, work ethic. I think there is too much to be had from the game to worry about this and that. I think there are all types of occupations that are just as hazardous or more hazardous; they just don’t have the spotlight on them. I definitely would be all for my kids playing football if they choose to. I don’t really see the harm in it. ...

"Put the information out there, let you decide. If you don't want to do it, fine, do whatever else you want to do. But I think everybody knows what's out there, everybody knows the risks, the dangers. And I haven't seen a whole lot of guys quit."

On the history behind the Budweiser tattoo on Smith's arm

"Next question."

On a followup question regarding the tattoo

"I'm just saying, unlike some other guys, I know how to say, 'Next question.' "

On defensive line coach Jim Tomsula

"A lot of teams really don't shift with other teams as they’re shifting. I think he’s come in, taught us how to do that [in terms of] what to look for and really [what] play formations as opposed to just playing the defense."