Programming note: Plan for Super Sunday

NEW ORLEANS -- Good morning. Clear skies, light breezes and bright sunshine are making this a fantastic Super Bowl Sunday morning in New Orleans.

I'll be heading over to the Superdome early, probably not long after noon CT. This will be my 15th consecutive Super Bowl and it's such a privilege to attend.

Highlights of this trip so far: pulled pork at Cochon, a five-course meal at Impastato's and char-grilled oysters at Drago's; Randy Moss' honesty and plain-spokenness; Jim Harbaugh's good humor; Jerry Rice's insights regarding Michael Crabtree and Colin Kaepernick; coming out ahead at the blackjack tables at Harrah's; spending eight hours Saturday deliberating with the other Pro Football Hall of Fame voters; and watching the freshly minted 2013 Hall class handle its election with grace and genuine emotion.

And now, game day. Finally. What are your plans for the big day?

We'll be collecting photos from fans experiencing the day at the stadium and elsewhere. You don't have to be a 49ers fan to participate. You could even be a Packers fan wearing a Kaepernick jersey for all we care (see below). We just want to create a shared experience. So, when you get a second, tweet your game-day photos to @espn_nfcwest and we'll collect them for inclusion in a Super Bowl slideshow.

A personal aside: My father-in-law is a 49ers fan living in Northern California. My wife doesn't have a favorite team. Our 11-year-old son likes the Seattle Seahawks, but he's also a big fan of NFL history (he has a vintage Rice 49ers jersey and wears it proudly). Our 8-year-old is a Green Bay Packers fan, but like his brother, he's open-minded when it comes to sporting jerseys. Back to my father-in-law. When his 49ers reached the Super Bowl, he informed us that he'd be sending Kaepernick jerseys for our boys, with the expectation they would wear them on Super Sunday. I've got visual evidence of their compliance.

Have a great day.