Around the NFC West: Two strong takes

Good morning. The NFL offseason is officially here, but the San Francisco 49ers' experience in Super Bowl XLVII will remain a topic for discussion this week, I am sure.

We've got some strong takes to run through this morning.

Around the NFC West: Feb. 5, 2013

Dave Boling of the Tacoma News Tribune thinks the Super Bowl officials messed up royally by failing to call holding against Baltimore's Jimmy Smith on the 49ers' final offensive play.

"Analysts have argued that the refs won’t make that call in a game-deciding situation, or that the contact was mutual and that sort of thing had been tolerated throughout," he writes. "But when a defender is going Greco-Roman on a receiver, and has such a grasp that the jersey is being pulled, it should be a penalty at any point in the game."

You'll be likely to agree if you watch the play enough times in slow motion. I thought throwing a flag would have been worse than not throwing one, but if the NFL were to study that play outside its dramatic context -- essentially treating it as though it were a play from a preseason game as opposed to one potentially deciding a Super Bowl -- would the league consider that a penalty or not?

I'm also interested in revisiting the interception 49ers quarterback Colin Kaepernick threw. Retired linebacker Bill Romanowski called out receiver Randy Moss for failing to make sufficient effort on the play. I saw the play live, but with travel considerations, I wasn't able to watch the game closely on replay. I'll have a chance now.

Linebackers such as Romanowski don't always sympathize with receivers such as Moss. I'll study that play realizing Romanowski probably expects receivers to play the way linebackers play. Most of them do not.