Quick note on penalties

Posted by ESPN.com's Mike Sando

I'll have an update on penalty numbers across the division as time permits. Those who ripped Seattle's Josh Wilson for appearing on our most recent list of players with at least three penalties can offer apologies in the comments section.

Remeber that illegal-contact penalty against him during the Giants game in Week 5? The league, which reviews penalties week to week, decided Julian Peterson was the culprit. That leaves Wilson with two penalties this season.

Also on the penalty front, the ESPN Stats & Analysis team has put together a list of opponent false-start penalties by stadium. The louder the stadium, the more likely an opposing offense might jump early. The Eagles' opponents have committed nine such penalties in three games at Philadelphia, most in the league. Next up on a false starts-per-game basis: Miami 2.5, Seattle 2.33, Carolina 2 and Detroit 2.

The most false-start penalties by visiting opponents since 2005: Seattle 74, Minnesota 63, the Meadowlands (Giants) 52, Philadelphia 51 and Chicago 49.