710ESPN Seattle audio: Matt Flynn debate

The Huard brothers, Brock and Damon, drew me into a spirited discussion Monday regarding Matt Flynn on 710ESPN Seattle. The gloves did not come off, but we broke them in a little bit. All parties scored points.

At issue: What role perceptions about Flynn's happiness and commitment should affect any decision to trade him. Brock Huard suggested Flynn wasn't sufficiently engaged as Russell Wilson's backup after losing a quarterback competition, and that this could be a negative situation (not a dire one, but a negative one nonetheless).

I suggested Flynn was pretty much irrelevant to Wilson at this point while warning against parting with a No. 2 quarterback in the absence of a viable alternative. I do think Seattle should try to get value for Flynn, but there are some tradeoffs to consider.

The chart shows three-year averages and 2013 salary cap figures for NFC West quarterbacks under contract beyond the 2012 season.

NFC West QBs by 2013 Salary Cap Value