A quick note on salary cap implications

@elunique1982 asks via Twitter about salary-cap ramifications associated with Steven Jackson leaving the St. Louis Rams' roster, something that appears likely following news that Jackson plans to opt out of his contract.

The Rams would save $7 million in salary-cap space if Jackson did not return to the team. The savings would come entirely from the removal of Jackson's scheduled $7 million base salary. The contract did carry nearly $1.9 million in cap costs associated with previously paid bonus money. However, the Rams elected to absorb that charge in 2012. As a result, only the $7 million salary is scheduled to count against the cap.

When the Rams agreed to give Jackson the ability to void his deal, they were also setting up the situation so that his contract would not affect their books in his absence. The sides can make a clean break in every way under the current arrangement.

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