101ESPN St. Louis audio: Miklasz Show

We've been heavy on the Steven Jackson discussion following news of the running back's expected free agency. That will continue here as I pass along audio from my my Tuesday conversation with Bernie Miklasz of 101ESPN St. Louis.

Bernie and I touched on a few other mostly Rams-related subjects. Bernie has subsequently filed thoughts on what Jackson's departure might mean to the Rams. He notes that Jackson's touches and production suffered year-over-year declines recently.

The chart compares Jackson's rushing yards per season by age to NFL averages since 2000 for running backs with at least 150 carries in four or more seasons.

Jackson has outperformed the averages, but the rate of decline in recent seasons matches league averages for running backs of the same age. Those other running backs suffered a 23.9 percent decline from age 29 to age 30, the second-largest percentage decline in the chart. That percentage represented the difference from a 719-yard average at age 29 to a 547-yard average at age 30.

Jackson would fall short of 800 yards in 2013 if he followed a similar course. His yardage totals have declined by 12.9, 7.7 and 9.0 percent over the past three seasons.

2000-2012 Average Rushing Yards By Age (minimum four seasons with 150+ carries)