Fun with Revis, the story that won't go away

Acquiring Darrelle Revis and making the cornerback one of their highest-paid players would complicate the San Francisco 49ers' efforts to manage and replenish what was the NFL's highest-priced defense last season.

For that reason, and because Revis is coming off knee surgery, I'd be surprised if the 49ers acquired Revis from the New York Jets.

Those interested in Revis' thoughts on the possibilities should check out the video above, which includes comments Revis made to Seattle Seahawks fullback Michael Robinson for the "Real Rob Report" show. The video above also includes thoughts from ESPN's Ed Werder.

Be sure to check out the full interview, which Robinson has made available through his site in parts one and two. Those interested in skipping directly to the 49ers part can do so through this link.

Robinson asked Revis whether adding the cornerback could put the 49ers over the top. But as we discussed recently from Boston, site of the recent MIT Sloan Sports Analytics Conference, adding veteran players at high prices comes with tradeoffs. The 49ers couldn't keep their current defense together even if all their veteran took pay cuts.

I've got to credit Revis for keeping his composure even when Robinson asked him about Jets coach Rex Ryan's personal life, specifically the foot-fetish story from December 2010. Revis laughed and said he's joked with Ryan about the matter.

"That's his wife," Revis said. "If that is his thing and what he does and what they do, that's awesome."