Shots from inside 49ers' new stadium

Thanks to San Francisco 49ers CEO Jed York for passing along a few photos from inside the team's new stadium, which remains under construction.

Here's a shot from field level, another toward the field from above, one looking outward from above, another showing three levels of suites, one showing concourse work, another showing earthquake proofing and one more showing what York thinks might be the frame for "the largest outdoor video board."

York has been tweeting these photos one after the other. Check out his timeline in case he adds more.

Also, thanks to Harbaughsome49 for pointing out York's photos in the comments section of the previous item about the basketball player signing with Seattle as a tight end.

"Jed York tweeting a picture from the roof of the new stadium showing the progress of the project seems like bigger news than this signing," Harbaugh49 wrote.

"It's close," I replied. "Both are huge stories. York's is several stories higher, though."