Around the NFC West: Cards' uphill fight

The St. Louis Rams had an opportunity to leverage the second pick of the 2012 draft into a bounty of prime selections. They maximized that opportunity and should be set up well for the long term as a result.

Around the NFC West: March 14, 2013

The Seattle Seahawks had an opportunity to acquire an elite talent in Percy Harvin. They had an opportunity to land pass-rusher Cliff Avril at a price lower than anticipated. Seattle seized both opportunities this week.

The San Francisco 49ers had an opportunity to get trade value for quarterback Alex Smith. They exceeded reasonable expectations by getting a 2013 second-round choice as part of their deal with Kansas City.

These are potentially defining moves and the type that require skill from a team's front office.

Arizona Cardinals fans might wonder why their team hasn't made a similar move this offseason. It's still early, and plenty of offseasons go by without a prime opportunity presenting itself.

Unlike the Rams a year ago, Arizona does not possess the second overall choice in a draft featuring coveted quarterbacks.

Unlike the Seahawks this week, Arizona wasn't in position to trade a late first-round choice for Harvin. Besides, Harvin probably wouldn't have signed with a QB-starved team, anyway.

Unlike the 49ers, Arizona did not have a backup quarterback with 19 victories in his last 25 starts to dangle in a trade. The Cardinals are still looking for a starter, in fact, and this is a tough year to be looking for one.

So, if you've got any exciting ideas for Arizona, please do share them.