Around the NFC West: 49ers-Seahawks tiffs

A week ago, no one could have reasonably expected the Seattle Seahawks to add receiver Percy Harvin, edge pass-rusher Cliff Avril and defensive end Michael Bennett during a four-day period spanning the start of NFL free agency.

Around the NFC West: March 15, 2013

Those bold moves have gotten a ton of attention, including from fans of the NFC champion San Francisco 49ers.

"I don't think any of these FA signings the Seahawks are making would start on our team," 12Niner12 wrote in the comments section of the item on Bennett's addition.

Seahawks fan makersmike wasn't having it.

"Once again, the Seahawks make a signing and the 49ers need to come to our article because they're sick of their team's lousy moves," he wrote. "I love it. Every negative comment means they're more upset."

Columnists Tim Kawakami of the San Jose Mercury News and Dave Boling of the Tacoma News Tribune have recently touched on how the 49ers-Seahawks rivalry seems to intensify with every offseason move of significance.

The 49ers have added Anquan Boldin and Glenn Dorsey. They have a slew of draft picks, including an additional second-rounder from the Alex Smith trade. They've won the last two division titles and reached a Super Bowl, but they also lost by 29 points at Seattle in Week 16. And the Seahawks have been stealing headlines lately.

My sense is that Seattle has made its major veteran acquisitions for the offseason. The 49ers appear more likely to make a move in the immediate term. But if the last few days have shown us anything about Seattle in particular, it's to expect the unexpected.

We know this: Whatever happens next involving one of these teams is sure to generate reaction from the other team's fans. That's great for the rivalry.