Haslett escapes fine for DB hit

Posted by ESPN.com's Mike Sando

Rams coach Jim Haslett escaped a league fine for hitting the Redskins' Leigh Torrance along the sideline during the Week 6 game between the teams.

The Redskins had submitted the play to the league for a possible fine, a source said. Here's what Haslett said about the collision Monday:

"Basically what happened was, he is a flyer on their punt team and I was in the white area, so I backed out of the white and then I saw he was getting a little closer so I backed out of the white area and I could not get any further back, when we jammed him out of bounds. So he decided he was going to run the sidelines and he is supposed to run the white, he can't run behind the bench. So he was coming at me, so I figured it was me or him. He was going to run me over or I was going to get him, so I got a good shot on him. I did not want to get run over. You see those coaches that get toppled, it was not going to be me."

The league is cracking down on players for hits on one another. Coaches are in another category. At least Haslett didn't lead with his headset. That probably would have drawn a fine.