On the road in the NFC West

As noted in this video shot Friday, I'm headed to St. Louis for the Cardinals-Rams game Sunday.

Last season, your input periodically influenced which games I attended. The exercise became a bit futile as the Cardinals ran away with the division title and other teams played meaningless games.

The Rams' and Seahawks' struggles this season have made some of their games less attractive. The 49ers' more recent struggles discounted some of their games to a degree.

In a perfect NFC West world, divisional balance would make each team's games compelling most of the weeks.

The Cardinals-Rams game offers an opportunity to see the division leader against an improving Rams team still in its formative state. It's also a chance to see the Rams' Steven Jackson, arguably the most inspiring runner in the NFL this season.

Enjoy your Week 11. I'm traveling most of Saturday and will check back here in the evening. Those looking for instant fame can leave Week 11 predictions right here.

On the road in the NFC West

The chart shows how many 2009 regular-season games I will have attended involving each NFC West team, through Week 11. The totals mirror the standings. The Texans (twice), Panthers, Vikings and Bears were non-division opponents for some of these games.