Lessons in free agency, with some laughs

Former San Francisco 49ers defensive lineman Anthony Adams produced quite a few laughs recently with a video parodying his "retirement" from the NFL.

Adams didn't retire so much as teams stopped calling him once his contract with the Chicago Bears expired following the 2011 season. That's the way it is for so many NFL players, including some of the ones we discussed earlier Tuesday.

One year, you're in the starting lineup and one of the guys. The next year, it's as though you never existed.

I've been thinking lately about how humbling it must be for someone such as Nnamdi Asomugha, widely regarded as a top cornerback within the last couple years, languishing on the market while reportedly deciding between the 49ers and New Orleans Saints. There is no bidding war over Asomugha or anyone else at this stage of free agency.

Before Adams produced his retirement video, he made the one at the top of this post, parodying life as a free agent. That video comes to mind in relation to many of the accomplished players without contracts as March turns to April. Instead of enjoying the free-agent high life reserved for a select few, Adams portrayed life on the market as filled with anxiety and self-delusion. At one point, he scrambles into action as if a job offer is coming through, only to discover someone tried to engage him in a game of "Words With Friends" on his smartphone.

Funny stuff, unless you're the one waiting for that call.