Around the NFC West: Shorter QBs, WRs

Around the NFC West: April 24, 2013

St. Louis Rams coach Jeff Fisher caught my attention this week with a comment regarding shorter wide receivers.

"I think they've got a chance to play if you have a tall quarterback because he can find them," Fisher said during a pre-draft news conference. "If you've got a shorter style quarterback, it's tough to find a shorter receiver."

Rams quarterback Sam Bradford stands 6-foot-4. Most quarterbacks are at least 6-2 in height. Fisher's comment was relatively insignificant in relation to the Rams and other teams with relatively tall quarterbacks.

With Seattle Seahawks quarterback Russell Wilson standing not quite 5-11, I wondered whether Fisher's observation might apply to one of the Rams' division rivals.

Wilson could be an exception. He seemed to have little trouble finding and creating passing lanes. The Seahawks' top four receivers stand between 5-10 and 6-3, which puts them close to average height. Golden Tate and Doug Baldwin are 5-10. Percy Harvin is 5-11. Sidney Rice is 6-3.

Baldwin is the smallest target of the bunch in terms of overall body size. He made nearly 40 percent of his receptions last season on passes delivered from outside the pocket. The percentage was under 25 for Tate and Rice.

That doesn't necessarily mean Wilson needed to relocate the pocket to find Baldwin relative to other receivers for reasons related to receiver size. I would be interested in a closer look at the point Fisher made, however.