A-plus draft grade? Depends on criteria

Cameron asks via Twitter whether the Seattle Seahawks should automatically get an A-plus grade for their 2013 first-round draft performance after using the 25th overall choice to acquire multidimensional receiver Percy Harvin.

Seattle made the deal in part because the team felt as though no player it drafted would match Harvin for impact. That seems like a safe assumption.

However, any analysis of the Harvin acquisition must also take into account the price paid beyond the 25th overall pick. The Seahawks also gave up a 2013 seventh-round choice and a 2014 third-rounder. Seattle also handed Harvin a contract far outpacing what those three draft choices would have earned.

So, if you think Harvin was worth those three picks and a contract averaging between about $11 million and $12.9 million per year, depending upon how you account for the new money in his extension, go ahead and give the Seahawks an A-plus.