2012 reflections as chat moved to Friday

We've pushed back the NFC West chat one day. I'll post the link before we get going at 2 p.m. ET Friday. You can check out the full chat archive dating to 2007 right here.

My plan is to head from the chat over to the Seattle Seahawks' first rookie minicamp practice later in the day.

On a side note, here's what we were chatting about one year ago Friday: Colin Kaepernick possibly taking over for Alex Smith because of injury (happened); the likelihood of an extension for Chris Long (happened); quarterback remaining by far the biggest trouble spot in Arizona (happened); rookie Bobby Massie getting starts at right tackle (happened); and the 49ers probably finishing the 2013 season with 10 victories (they would have 11).

There was only passing reference to Russell Wilson, and even then only in the context of what his selection might signal for Tarvaris Jackson. Matt Flynn was still considered the leading option to start for the Seahawks at that time.