Hidden contributions for Harvin, Quinn

Percy Harvin is one of those hidden-value players. The traditional stat sheet only begins to account for the ways he can affect a game.

Information from Neil Hornsby of Pro Football Focus shows another way Harvin could help the Seattle Seahawks in 2013: through penalties drawn against the opponent.

Harvin drew six of them in nine games. He ranked second to Baltimore's Torrey Smith in penalties drawn on a percentage of pass-routes basis, according to PFF's charting.

No other NFC West player ranked among the top 20 in this category.

Hornsby also produced a list ranking defensive linemen and linebackers by the rate of flags they drew against opponents. The St. Louis Rams' Robert Quinn was the only player from the NFC West appearing among the leaders. He ranked 12th with seven penalties drawn, all of them on passing plays. Quinn, who had 10.5 sacks last season, sometimes struggled against the run. He was often a very tough matchup in pass protection for opposing tackles, however, and that showed up in the penalty stats.

Note: Thanks to @shanemcr for sharing the PFF link.