Fitzgerald: Partial reprieve for Rackers

GLENDALE, Ariz. -- Cardinals receiver Larry Fitzgerald joked Monday that coach Ken Whisenhunt threatened to cut him this offseason after the Pro Bowl receiver called timeout with 14 seconds remaining in regulation Sunday.

Players aren't supposed to call timeouts, but Fitzgerald got carried away after Early Doucet's 16-yard reception to the Green Bay 16. He apparently thought the Cardinals would attempt another play on offense.

The plan from the sideline was for Whisenhunt to call timeout with seven seconds left. But when Fitzgerald called timeout unexpectedly, some on the sideline thought the team really was planning to attempt another play.

That threw off the timing for the field goal attempt, which Neil Rackers missed from 34 yards.

"One of the things we have done a very good job of here is being very clear of the situations," Whisenhunt said. "Everything was moving along smoothly and then Larry hit the timeout button a little early and it threw a little kink into it. I think Neil anticipated we were going to run one more play, but I can tell you this: With 14 seconds left and no timeouts, the prospect for running one more play is not smart in my mind.

"We called for the field goal team and obviously there was delay for Neil getting there and he rushed it and that is why I think he missed the kick. I will take the blame for that because I should have communicated better to Neil at that point when we were in the timeout that we were going to kick the field goal and maybe that would have erased that doubt."