A couple QB stats to keep in pocket (or out)

Wilson Inside-Outside Pocket: Weeks 1-18

You know it's going to happen. Russell Wilson is going to scramble outside the pocket against the Atlanta Falcons, and someone is going to say something about how that's his game, but all quarterbacks must learn to throw from inside the pocket eventually -- the implication being that Wilson is among them.

The people saying these things won't know what you know, that Seattle's rookie quarterback has actually been much more prolific throwing the ball from inside the pocket than from outside it. The chart breaks down the numbers: 22 of 27 touchdown passes thrown from inside the pocket, according to ESPN Stats & Information. Those totals count playoffs.

Note to self: The fact that a quarterback moves well doesn't mean he should be perceived as one lacking the skills traditional passers possess. The templates we've used in categorizing quarterbacks must change as players such as Wilson defy them.