Another run through 2013 West schedule

2013 NFC West Schedules

A few more notes on the recently released 2013 NFL schedule after offering initial thoughts and encouraging discussion late last week:

  • Divisional distribution: The chart shows every regular-season matchup for each NFC West team. Shading identifies games involving two division teams. There are no division games from Week 9 through Week 12. Weeks 14 and 17 feature only division games. Every NFC West teams plays three division games in the first eight weeks and three in the final five weeks.

  • Bye distribution: All four NFC West bye weeks fall from Week 9 through Week 12.

  • 4-0 possibilities: The NFC West has four chances to go 4-0 in the same week. Week 5 might provide the best chance with three of four NFC West teams at home. It happened in Week 2 last season when Arizona upset New England, St. Louis defeated Washington, San Francisco defeated Detroit and Seattle defeated Dallas. Three of those four games were at home for NFC West teams.

  • No three-game trips: Philadelphia and Tennessee were the only teams to draw three-game road trips in 2013. No NFC West team has had one since the 2011 Cardinals visited Philadelphia, San Francisco and St. Louis in consecutive weeks. Arizona went 2-1 during that stretch.

  • Predicting records: One quick way to predict season records is to assume a certain number of home victories -- seven-plus for really good teams, fewer for not-so-good teams -- and then conservatively count seemingly "winnable" road games. Using that method, I wind up with more projected victories for the 49ers than for any other team in the division, even with a defeat at home.