Second overall pick stands tall for Rams

INDIANAPOLIS -- The St. Louis Rams had to welcome news that Robert Griffin III measured 6-foot-2 and three-eighths of a precious inch at the NFL scouting combine.

Griffin also weighed 223 pounds.

As Jim Thomas noted Friday, any negative news about Griffin could affect how much the St. Louis Rams might get in return should they trade the second overall pick in the 2012 draft.

The Rams already have Sam Bradford at quarterback, making them a prime candidate to deal the second choice for a team seeking one -- but only if Indianapolis drafts Andrew Luck and teams value Griffin enough to trade up for him.

NFL teams prefer quarterbacks tall enough to see the field clearly. There was some speculation Griffin might measure shorter than anticipated. His measured height wasn't quite ideal by traditional standards, but it met expectations and did should not in any way damage the way teams view him. It should help him.