On those conflicting Todd Haley reports

Pittsburgh Steelers offensive coordinator Todd Haley is interviewing for the head coaching job with the Arizona Cardinals.

Art Rooney II, president of the Steelers, confirmed this information on the record, according to longtime Pittsburgh Post-Gazette reporter Ed Bouchette. The sourcing is rock solid. The Steelers would know if one of their assistant coaches were interviewing elsewhere.

But at the nearly the same time, Haley's agent, Jerome Stanley, is on the record telling NFL.com's Ian Rapoport that Haley is not interviewing for the Cardinals' job. Stanley would certainly know whether his own client were interviewing with the Cardinals.

What is going on here? Those new to this game might want to check out the piece I put together after Andy Reid emerged as the Cardinals' likely next head coach (shortly before he became the Kansas City Chiefs' head coach).

In Haley's case, previous reports suggested his interest in the Cardinals' coaching job was tempered by a desire to remain on solid footing with the Steelers following an eventful first season with the team. Haley and quarterback Ben Roethlisberger had appeared at odds during the season. The Steelers missed the playoffs. The situation was a bit sensitive. Haley wouldn't want people to think he had one foot out the door. But he also would love to become a head coach again. Those opportunities can be fleeting.

Haley's agent has his client's interests in mind. Rooney is much less invested in how the Haley story is perceived. I'd be surprised if Haley weren't interviewing or scheduled to interview with the Cardinals based on what we know.