Mailbag: Game has not passed by Reeves

Posted by ESPN.com's Mike Sando

Bill Rosinski from Westwood One radio writes: Mike, having spent the last three years sharing the broadcast booth with Dan Reeves, I can tell you that game has not passed him by. He has been great at explaining why the game plays out the way it does each week. He also has an incredible amount of respect from players and coaches around the league and I am sure he will get the same from the 49ers players. My goodness, anyone who can get the Falcons to the Super Bowl -- I was the Falcons' voice during the Glanville years -- deserves another shot at coaching.

Mike Sando: Thanks very much for the testimonial, Bill. I'm a little torn on this one.

On one side, Reeves' credentials command respect. Reeves also embodies much of what I think 49ers coach Mike Singletary needs in an offensive coordinator. Reeves is experienced, credible and capable of handling the offense without input from anyone else.

On another side, the idea of hiring a coordinator five years removed from his last game deserves some skepticism, particularly if Reeves' age (65) makes him a candidate for likely retirement after only a season or two.

Patrick from Yuma writes: Mike, have fun at the Super Bowl. Can you give some insight into the finances of a playoff run? How much additional revenue do the Cards make from home playoff games against the Falcons and Eagles and a road playoff game against the Panthers? How much does the organization get from the Super Bowl? How much do the players get throughout the playoffs? Keep up the great work.

Mike Sando: Thanks, Patrick. Winning Super Bowl players earn $78,000 apiece. Losing players earn $40,000. Peter King ran the playoff salary numbers here. I do not know how much the Cardinals profited from their home playoff games. I'll see what I can find out.