Tough to question this fan's credentials

Let this much be clear about the one guy waiting overnight in line for Tennessee Titans tickets: He wanted to see the game against the San Francisco 49ers on Oct. 20.

As AFC South blogger Paul Kuharsky notes, people have generally stepped out of physical lines to go online for tickets (the man waiting outside LP Field said he had no credit card).

Going online is the easiest way, but there was some charm to the idea of die-hard fans camping outside for tickets. I can recall waiting overnight with friends outside the old Arco Arena to score an $8 auxiliary bench seat for Dave Corzine, Brad Sellers and the Chicago Bulls back in early 1987, when I was in high school. Michael Jordan also played for that Bulls team (and scored 40 that night).

It's tough to brag about scoring tickets online, but if you've camped out overnight, your credentials as a fan are tough to question.