Chat wrap: Gearing up for NFL draft

The NFC West portion of the marathon predraft chat has concluded. Full transcript of all eight bloggers here. NFC West highlights below:

Adam (STL): What's the ideal situation (besides trading down) for the Rams at 33? My WISH list: Weatherspoon, Hughes, Demaryious Thomas, Brian Price, Arrelious Benn.

Mike Sando: I think they need to address the offense in a big way. If they take Sam Bradford first overall, they need to arm him with weapons at receiver and tight end. If they take a defensive tackle first overall, then there's even more reason to go offense in the second round. A receiver in the second round could make quite a bit of sense for the Rams.

(fake) Alex Smith (San Fran): If Jimmy Clausen is still on the board when the 13th pick comes around, should I be worried?

Mike Sando: Not really. The 49ers probably aren't going to throw a rookie quarterback onto the field as the starter right away. They tried that with Smith and ruined him (or came close to it). Smith will get a chance to play this season and if he plays well, he'll have value in the league -- whether or not the 49ers have a spot for him past 2010. His deal expires after this season anyway.

Freddie (East Bay): How's Beanie Wells going to do in year 2, where running will supposedly become a bigger part of the Cards O?

Mike Sando: I thought Beanie Wells could be the rookie of the year last season. He missed time early in camp and that hurt him. I think he can become a 1,000-yard rusher this season. He also answered some questions about his toughness. He took on contact and dished out punishment last season, an indication the culture in Arizona encourages such things. You've got guys with swagger on that team -- Darnell Dockett and Adrian Wilson come to mind -- and Wells seemed to respond.

Drew (Seattle): Gibbs is known for taking OL late. That being said is it possible that Seattle could select two defensive backs with their two top picks? Berry at 6th and Haden 14th? I would love that personally. Good idea or Bad?

Mike Sando: Yes, Alex Gibbs does like to draft linemen later. He likes to develop guys. The question is really whether the organization can afford to take its chances at that position after what happened last season. I don't see how they could justify taking two defensive backs early while ignoring obvious needs at tackle and defensive end. They should be able to get value at tackle and/or defensive end early, even if they do use one of their top two choices to help the secondary.

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