Fake punt while up 30 not running it up?

The Seattle Seahawks just executed a successful fake punt while holding a 47-17 lead over the Buffalo Bills with 9:20 remaining in the fourth quarter.

The fake set up a field goal.

Last week, the Seahawks tried a deep pass on fourth-and-23 while holding a 51-0 lead against the Arizona Cardinals.

That play against the Cardinals seemed defensible to the extent that coach Pete Carroll wanted backup quarterback Matt Flynn to execute a wide range of throws during his first action of the regular season. Executing a fake punt, onside kick or two-point conversion while blowing out an opponent qualifies as something else. Those tactics qualify as showing up an opponent.

Before the fake punt, I thought the Seahawks were trying to rack up passing stats for rookie quarterback Russell Wilson as the second half progressed. Wilson had rushed for three touchdowns in the first half. He had thrown a touchdown pass as well, but his overall passing stats were lagging.

Wilson has now completed 14 of 23 passes for 205 yards with one touchdown and a 104.4 NFL passer rating.

We'll take a closer look at this one as time permits. Note that Seattle's former special-teams coach, Bruce DeHaven, works for the Bills. Carroll decided against retaining DeHaven from former coach Jim Mora's staff.