Rams dodge Alex Barron's 22nd holding call

The St. Louis Rams sacrificed depth on their offensive line when parting with Alex Barron, who had started for them at tackle since 2005.

That sacrifice resembled addition by subtraction when Barron's holding penalty Sunday negated the Dallas Cowboys' winning touchdown pass as time expired. This was the third holding call of the game against Barron and the 22nd of Barron's career. The Rams traded Barron to the Cowboys for linebacker Bobby Carpenter, a player St. Louis released.

Barron had run his course in St. Louis, becoming known for penalties and inconsistent play. As the chart shows, Barron ranks third among NFL players in offensive holding penalties (through last season) since entering the league as a first-round choice in 2005, according to ESPN Stats & Information. The Rams' offensive linemen were not flagged for holding in Week 1.

2005-2009 Offensive Holding Leaders