Runs on receivers: Eight wideouts to watch

NFC West teams touched off two runs on wide receivers during the 2011 NFL draft.

Austin Pettis, selected 78th overall by the St. Louis Rams, was the first of four receivers selected during a six-pick span of the third round.

Kris Durham, selected 107th overall by the Seattle Seahawks, was the first of four receivers selected during an eight-pick span of the fourth round.

Which teams came away with the best receiving prospects? We'll revisit the subject as the players' careers progress. Some are heading to teams with established quarterbacks. Those players could have an early advantage.

The first chart shows all receivers drafted in the third round.

2011 NFL Draft: Third-round WR Run

The second chart shows the first four receivers drafted in the fourth round. Baltimore also drafted one at No. 123, selecting Tandon Doss from Indiana.

2011 NFL Draft: Fourth-round WR Run