First Take: Richard Sherman discussion

Chris Mannix, Lomas Brown and Christian Fauria recently shared with First Take viewers their views on Richard Sherman's successful suspension appeal and its implications.

Mannix calls out the NFL. Brown sees a huge victory for the Seattle Seahawks. Fauria can't believe the NFL could botch something as simple as a urine test.

My take: The NFL messed this up. Sherman's lawyers knew it. That could explain why so many of the specifics regarding this case made their way into news stories. The NFL Players Association had to want it that way. The league, citing confidentiality requirements, has not and will not comment on the case. Sherman, who could have faced a four-game suspension for allegedly using performance-enhancing drugs, has presumably passed additional tests. It's a safe bet he'll be more careful in the future. I wonder, in retrospect, whether teammate Brandon Browner could have prevailed on appeal as well. He's eligible to return for the playoffs, so it's a non-issue at this point.