A word on cap space for Peyton Manning

The salary cap can present challenges for NFL teams looking to add expensive players. The cap rarely prevents teams from getting what they have to have, however.

Where there's a will, there's almost always a way.

And there will be plenty of will involved for teams chasing Peyton Manning.

Of those teams, the Seattle Seahawks rank among those with the most agreeable current cap situation. ESPN's John Clayton has the details, noting that Seattle had roughly $30 million in cap room before re-signing Marshawn Lynch. The team subsequently released Marcus Trufant, a move that could largely offset whatever cap hit Lynch's deal carries.

Arizona ranks well down the list with about $3 million in cap space. That number could balloon if the team releases Levi Brown or restructures his contract.

Teams have learned to manipulate the cap to their benefit. The cap isn't going to stop any of these teams from paying Manning, in my view.