Wind-whipped practice bubbles frightening

Posted by ESPN.com's Mike Sando

The collapse of the Cowboys' indoor practice facility cannot surprise anyone who has stood inside a similar "bubble" during a windstorm.

Photos of the twisted facility show a metal infrastructure. The practice bubble I frequented while covering the Seahawks from 1998 through the 2006 season had a similar look from the outside -- imagine a giant white Michelen Man lying on his back, minus appendages -- without as much metal on the inside.

Watching indoor practices in a windstorm was always a bit concerning. The Seahawks' video staff would sometimes have to lower the towers from which they taped practices after winds blew the facility's pliable walls into the towers, creating a danger. The windblown walls would also disrupt the portable light stands used to illuminate practices.

The Seahawks no longer use such a practice bubble because their new headquarters features a walled indoor facility. I'm sure players didn't miss the musty old white bubble when strong winds blew hail across their outdoor fields Sunday. The team continued practicing outside despite the conditions.