Breaking down Crabtree's contract

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Posted by ESPN.com's Mike Sando

Former NFL executive Andrew Brandt is back with another Michael Crabtree-related analysis for National Football Post, this one breaking down the six-year contract.

This analysis is first-rate for its details and balance.

Crabtree will not lose any first-year salary for missing the first four games, but the 49ers secured a deal that will likely span all six years without voiding. The 49ers also secured a deal consistent with informal slotting associated with the 10th overall choice in the draft.

But Brandt thinks Crabtree came away with a chance to earn $8 million that wasn't previously on the table. It sounds as though Crabtree would have to hit difficult incentives to earn that extra cash. This was what I meant Tuesday when I wrote: "The 49ers can adjust the length of the contract or the incentives or both in order to make the overall numbers look better."