Troy Smith and 49ers' big-play offense

The San Francisco 49ers' Troy Smith has struck for at least 30 yards on 10 of his 66 completed passes this season.

That works out to 15.2 percent, the highest rate for any NFL quarterback since 2001, according to ESPN Stats & Information.

Coach Mike Singletary has reinstalled Smith as the 49ers' starter for the team's must-win game against the Rams in Week 16.

As the first chart shows, Smith is one of 10 players since 2001 to gain at least 30 yards on 9.7 percent or more of completions. The other nine players posted a combined 51-23 (.689) starting record during the seasons in question. Smith has a 3-2 starting record.

Preventing big pass plays is always important. It's especially important for the Rams against Smith. Five of the quarterback's 10 long completions fell in one game against St. Louis more than five weeks ago. Smith had three 30-plus plays in three subsequent starts before getting benched.

The first chart ranks quarterbacks since 2001 with at least 9.7 percent of completed passes covering 30 or more yards.

Pass Plays Gaining At Least 30 Yards: 2001-Present

The second chart breaks down Smith's 30-plus completions by various categories. For example, Smith completed two such passes against the Rams from 12 personnel (one back, two tight ends).

2010 Troy Smith Breakdown: Passes covering 30+ Yards