Rams taking hard look at Big 12

Sam Bradford, Ndamukong Suh and Gerald McCoy would fit the college conference profile for first-round choices taken by Billy Devaney's teams over the last two decades.

All three are from the Big 12 and all three could be candidates for the St. Louis Rams to draft first overall.

Devaney, the Rams' general manager, has been with teams that drafted 11 players in the first round. The chart breaks down those picks by conference and decade.

Five of the 11 were from the Pac-10, with two apiece from the SEC, ACC and Big 12 (using current conference affiliations).

Devaney's teams have not drafted a Big Ten player in the first round since he entered the NFL with San Diego in 1990. The rest of the league has drafted 119 from the ACC, 110 from the SEC, 100 from the Big Ten, 79 from the Pac-10 and 66 from the Big 12. Again, those numbers reflect current conference affiliations.

I'll break down Devaney's teams' first-round choices by conference:

After the first round, Devaney's teams have favored the SEC (22), ACC (20), Big Ten (16) and Big 12 (15).

Devaney's first-round picks