Pass-rush drills: Where the action's at

Posted by ESPN.com's Mike Sando

KIRKLAND, Wash. -- Pass-rush drills make for some of the most entertaining spectating at NFL training camps.

Seattle's Rocky Bernard took down center Steve Vallos with a powerful move at Seahawks practice this morning. Down the coast, Matt Barrows of the Sacramento Bee provided a scorecard for the pass-rush drills between the Raiders and 49ers today

I went through and totaled up the results: The 49ers' Joe Staley went 2-0 in his matchups against the Raiders' defensive linemen. Teammate Barry Sims went 2-0-1. The 49ers' Jonas Jennings went 1-0. Teammate and fellow offensive lineman Joe Toledo went 1-0-1.

For the Raiders, defensive tackle Josh Shaw went 3-0, beating Adam Snyder twice and Tony Wragge once. Raiders defensive linemen Terdell Sands went 2-0 against the 49ers. Raiders defensive tackle Tommy Kelly went 2-0-1. No player participated in more than three matchups.

The 49ers' Chilo Rachal, Damane Duckett and Eric Heitmann each won two of three.

Additional results, first for the 49ers: Adam Snyder (1-2), Brian De La Puente (1-1), Cody Wallace (2-2), Alan Reuber (0-1-1), John Booker (0-1-1) and Tony Wragge (0-2). For the Raiders: Gerard Warren (1-2), Derrick Gray (1-2), Greg Spires (0-2-1), William Joseph (1-2), international player Mauricio Lopez (0-2), Jay Richardson (1-1), Trevor Scott (0-2-1), Greyson Gunheim (1-0-1), Kalimba Edwards (0-2), Derrick Burgess (0-1).