Harris' hit on Lutui draws $7,500 fine

The more I watch the replay of Bears defensive tackle Tommie Harris' hit on the Cardinals' Deuce Lutui in Week 9, the more I think some of that $7,500 should go to establish the Deuce Lutui Professional Wrestling School.

The view from the pressbox made me think Harris had tagged Lutui up under the facemask, landing a direct shot to the jaw.

Thew view from television replays showed Harris hitting Lutui's facemask. Lutui then writhed the way a pro wrestler would writhe following a faux rake of the eyes.

Lutui missed no plays, had no marks on his face afterward and said the incident was no big deal.

Either way, Harris did strike another player in the helmet with a punch. He deserved to be fined. He arguably deserved to be suspended.