Jim Harbaugh once buzzed George Seifert

SANTA CLARA, Calif. -- George Seifert is a big Jim Harbaugh fan.

Now, 19 years ago? Not so much.

Harbaugh was and still is known for his game-day intensity. It got the best of him after he quarterbacked the Indianapolis Colts to a win over the defending Super Bowl champion 49ers in 1995.

While speaking to the media Tuesday to mark his election into the 49ers’ Hall of Fame, Seifert recalled a story of a jubilant Harbaugh after the game.

“And at the end of the game, Jim was instrumental in Indianapolis beating us at the end of the game. And obviously their team was elated and they all ran onto their sideline,” Seifert said. “And the one player in an Indianapolis uniform who ran towards our sideline was Jim Harbaugh with his arms outstretched kind of doing like an airplane buzzing us. Yeah, kind of stuck it into our ear ... I don’t think I appreciated it then. As I look back at it now, it’s fun to talk about it.”

Harbaugh’s recollection?

“I think I let my emotions get the best of me,” he said with a smile.