Around the NFC West: Warner content

101ESPN St. Louis links to a recent conversation with former Rams and Cardinals quarterback Kurt Warner. Warner addresses why he enjoys Twitter, his legacy after leading two struggling NFL franchises to the Super Bowl and why he has no regrets about retirement. Basically, Warner says he remembers how difficult the past couple of seasons were for him and that helps affirm the decision. Warner's legacy is secure and he seems to realize there's no reason to push his luck. He'd been thinking about retirement for a couple of years, periodically lamenting the grind of an NFL season. He won't miss training camp or the Monday-through-Saturday work quarterbacks must put in to succeed.

101ESPN St. Louis also links to its audio from a recent interview with former Rams offensive lineman Adam Timmerman, who is now selling John Deere farm equipment. Timmerman says he thinks the Rams need to bring along Sam Bradford at the quarterback's own pace, rather than rushing Bradford into the lineup.

Doug Farrar of Shutdown Corner sizes up the Rams on both sides of the ball before concluding with this: "This may be the least-talented team in the NFL right now. That's the bad news. The good news is that the team has elite potential at key positions (left tackle, quarterback, middle linebacker). Rams fans will have more to cheer for in 2010; but they'll need a bit more of the patience they've had in bunches over the last few seasons. Four to six wins is a realistic (and positive) projection for this team." I think most Rams fans would be ecstatic with that type of improvement record-wise.

Jim Thomas of the St. Louis Post-Dispatch does not expect a quick contract agreement between the Rams and Bradford. July 28 is the target because that is when the Rams open training camp. Thomas: "The Rams and No. 1 draft pick Sam Bradford started contract talks (Friday), but a deal isn't expected any time soon, a team official said."

Darren Urban of azcardinals.com quotes a radio interview in which Cardinals safety Adrian Wilson says he thinks teammate Darnell Dockett was "unfair" in suggesting new Arizona safety Kerry Rhodes might not be working out hard enough. Wilson also explained why he works so hard: "I don’t know, I think it’s an addiction. My wife told me I need to be on the show 'Intervention.' … It’s the scare factor. You don’t want to be passed up or have people think you don’t got it. I’ve got it. A lot of people are talented, but I’m gifted. To me, that’s important for me to have people understand. There are a lot of talented safeties out there, there are a lot of talented guys in the league, but I’m gifted. And that’s something, for me, if I continue to work hard and if one day my talent begins to diminish, I can fall back on my hard work."

Matt Maiocco of CSNBayArea.com says 49ers owner John York thinks the team will enjoy a home-field advantage for its London game against the Broncos based on how many 49ers fans he saw in the city previously. York also thinks the NFL will eventually hold a Super Bowl outside the U.S. York: "I was excited about coming here. I think we will have a good home-field advantage here in the UK. I was here for the [New England-Tampa Bay] game last year and there were a lot of 49er fans here."

Samuel Chi of Sports Media Exchange ranks Eddie DeBartolo Jr. among the 10 most significant owners in sports history, comparing him to late New York Yankees owner George Steinbrenner. Chi: "Eddie D. was the NFL's Steinbrenner. Win at all costs. Spend lavishly. Break the law. But an errant Louisiana casino deal translated into a lifetime ban from the league and now his spendthrift sister runs his beloved 49ers, who won five Super Bowls on his watch."

Zach Ewing of the Bakersfield Californian checks in with Arizona Cardinals outside linebacker Joey Porter, who continues to live in Bakersfield with the wife he improbably escorted to their high school prom. Their dates had fallen through and the school required them to attend with someone or not attend at all. Christy Porter: "I said, 'There's no way I'm going to the prom with Joey Porter. 'I just won't go.' But Joey gives me a call, says that if I don't like him as a boyfriend or he doesn't like me as a girlfriend, that's fine. We can get in and hang with friends; we don't even have to ride together. The rest is history after that."

Seahawks.com hosts video from coach Pete Carroll's recent appearance on NFL Network.

John Morgan of Field Gulls doesn't see a bright future in Seattle for linebacker Leroy Hill. Morgan: "Hill can still be a good linebacker, but it's hardly a premium position, his legal troubles are mounting, he is now quite expensive, the injuries that have plagued his career have worsened and Seattle discovered a more than adequate replacement in David Hawthorne."