Mailbag: The Rams' quarterback situation

Posted by ESPN.com's Mike Sando

Sean from Fort Worth writes: Great job covering the NFC west, man! A lot of us Rams fans aren't very happy with the rumors about us talking with Gus Frerotte to come back as our backup QB. We're also very dissatisfied with Marc Bulger's performance lately. Is it possible that if Detroit passes on Matthew Stafford that the Rams might select him at #2 overall? And please man, tell me the Frerotte rumors aren't true. Thanks.

Mike Sando: Hey, thanks. It's great hearing from Rams fans. Your frustration with the quarterback situation is understandable, but I think you're stuck in the short term.

Bulger's contract is a fat one. For that reason, and because the Rams have immediate needs, I'd be surprised if they went with a quarterback near the top of the draft. They appear better off upgrading other areas and hoping those upgrades help Bulger get back on track.

The money the Rams have committed to Bulger pretty much compels the team to take that route for the short term, in my view. I suppose they could go with Stafford if they truly thought he would become a superstar and they truly thought Bulger would flame out. But can they really know that about either player at this point? Can they really know it well enough to walk away from Bulger and bet big on Stafford? I don't think so.

Frerotte would serve only as a veteran backup, not part of a long-term solution. And I do think the Rams need a veteran backup. The list of available quarterbacks isn't a great one. Frerotte does have recent starting experience. You mostly have to hope Bulger gets back on track. There will certainly be growing pains with the new offense and reconfigured roster lacking in established receivers. A healthy Randy McMichael would certainly help.

Ryan from Phoenix writes: Sando, With the recent release of Kevin Kaesviharn do you think he would be a good fit with the 49ers? I'm not sure that Dashon Goldson is the answer at FS and at the very least Kaesviharn can provide quality depth at both safety spots. Thanks.
Mike Sando: The Saints haven't exactly been air-tight in their secondary over the years, so perhaps that isn't the place to seek safety help, so to speak. Also, Kaesviharn is 32 years old. I think the 49ers need to get younger in the secondary. If they wanted an older backup, they could just move Mark Roman into that role. It's time for San Francisco to coach up Goldson or Reggie Smith. Remember, too, that a strong pass rush is a safety's best friend.

Jim from Watertown writes: Hey Mike, if the Rams go OT with thier 1st round pick, which of the following players has the best chance of being available for their pick at 35 and who would be the best fit? DT Ziggy Hood, RB Donald Brown, LB James Laurinaitis or WR Hakeem Nicks.

Mike Sando: The Rams have so many needs that I could justify any one of those positions. But I would move running back down the list. They have a Pro Bowl-caliber starter there. Yes, they need a change-of-pace guy, but not at the expense of better values in the draft. If they go tackle early, they probably need to look at the defensive front seven. I'm not going to guess on which players will pan out. I'm like NFL teams in that I do not know.

Pat from parts unknown writes: First, I love your posts. I read them every day and think your great at what you do. Keep up the good work. I know the Cards are looking for OLB and are most likely going to draft with hopes of picking one up early. They also re-signed a couple veterans and looking for more youth, but what do you think of adding Cato June? I have watched him over the years and I know his numbers suffered a little with the Bucs but he looked great with the Colts. Any thoughts?
Mike Sando: Thanks much, Pat. June is arguably undersized in a 4-3 defense. I can't speak for new Cardinals coordinator Bill Davis, but the assumption here is that he'll want more size for his hybrid system.

I also think it's time for the Cardinals to infuse some youth at linebacker and pass-rushing defensive end. Chike Okeafor, Bertrand Berry and Clark Haggans are all in their 30s. Travis LaBoy is still only 27, but he has had some injury problems.

It's an interesting dilemma, though. Pure 3-4 teams often do target older linebackers. The Patriots have been the classic example.

Nico from Puyallup, Wash., writes: Hey mike. I try to follow your chat sessions but missed this week's. Anyways, with the Seahawks possibly looking at a QB this draft, what are the chances of Seneca Wallace being a draft-day trade? Could we see him traded for a mid-first round or maybe a early second-round choice? If he was traded what do you think his value is because of his size?
Mike Sando: I tend to think Wallace has value as a backup in Seattle. Given his unusual mix of mobility and experience, he's the perfect backup to go into the game amid protection problems (which are likely to exist if the starter has been lost to injury).

Wallace has a strong arm and can make plays. He also has value as an emergency option at receiver and punt returner. All those things make him valuable. However, those things do not make him valuable as a long-term starting quarterback. For that reason, the Seahawks would not be able to command that level of compensation in a trade, most likely.