Jeremy Maclin announcement, signing should be today

The Kansas City Chiefs made no announcement on the day free agency started that they had signed Philadelphia Eagles wide receiver Jeremy Maclin. That sparked fear among many Chiefs fans that the deal had fallen through, just like the agreement the Chiefs thought they had last year with another free-agent wide receiver, Emmanuel Sanders. Sanders instead signed with the division rival Denver Broncos.

But the Chiefs’ deal with Maclin is still in place and should be announced as soon as today.

The Chiefs, even before the Sanders fiasco, were conservative about matters like this. They generally don’t publicly acknowledge a signing, even one as big as this, until the player has arrived in Kansas City, passed his physical and put his signature on the contract.

Only then can the party begin. Keep in mind that Maclin wasn’t a free agent until 3 p.m. Kansas City time on Tuesday, so he wasn’t able to be at the Chiefs’ facility before then.

The Chiefs were quick on Tuesday with the announcement that veteran safety Tyvon Branch had signed his contract. The difference is that Branch wasn’t scheduled to be an unrestricted free agent, like Maclin.

Branch was already a free agent. He was recently released by the Oakland Raiders, so he was already at Chiefs headquarters on his free-agent visit. He had passed his physical and signed the contract by the time word got out.