Around the NFC West: Offseason programs

Around the NFC West: April 16, 2013

Never once can I recall an NFL head coach lamenting poor attendance for an offseason conditioning program.

Perhaps it has happened and I simply missed it. More often, coaches rave about high attendance rates, the implication being that a team is especially committed and could benefit during the upcoming season.

Months later, it's impossible to verify whether offseason conditioning programs played a significant role in a team's success, failure and ability to stay healthy. For example, the Arizona Cardinals for years credited acclaimed strength and conditioning coach John Lott for helping the team avoid injuries. Lott was still doing the same fine work, presumably, when the Cardinals suffered from a long list of injuries last season.

Of course, high attendance rates are still good. They can only be beneficial. But as most offseason conditioning programs opened Monday and the positive vibes began to reverberate, as usual, some perspective seemed warranted.