Sizing up Babineaux, Griffith as Seattle starters

Posted by ESPN.com's Mike Sando

The Seahawks have resolved the final two notes from the Seahawks Camp Confidential dated Aug. 10.


  • Note 1: Jordan Babineaux has yet to make an obvious push for the starting job at free safety after general manager Tim Ruskell said Babineaux would challenge veteran Brian Russell for the job.

Resolution: The team released Russell, named Babineaux the starter and added veteran Lawyer Milloy for insurance.

Scouts Inc.: Babineaux is a versatile backup who can provide depth at CB as well as SS. He is a good overall athlete who has developed a knack for coming up with big plays in key situations. He has good movement skills and he reacts quickly to what he sees. He is missing ideal speed to play CB but he competes well as a part-time defender in the dime package because he can read the QB quickly and get a good jump on the throw. As a SS prospect, he is athletic and shows good willingness to insert himself in run support. He has enough range to cover half the field in Cover 2 and he can line up over tight ends or running backs to cover in man-to-man. Babineuax also makes plenty of plays in the kicking game, making him extremely valuable on game day due to his overall versatility


  • Note 2: Owen Schmitt isn't looking like the best option at fullback. Justin Griffith, late of the Raiders, could have more value.

Resolution: The Seahawks have named Griffth their starter for Week 1.

Scouts Inc.: Griffith missed nine games last season. No formal scouting report is available. My notes from the Seahawks' exhibition game against the Chiefs included this observation: "Julius Jones started having success on the ground once Justin Griffith replaced Owen Schmitt as fullback. I thought it wasn't a coincidence. Griffith knows the offense and his presence on the field raises the team's football IQ, a point of emphasis for Seattle this offseason (also enhanced by adding Houshmandzadeh and running back Edgerrin James)."